Shedding my winter coat

Finally! Here on Humber Bay Spring weather encourages all to get on to the Boardwalk.  No more black turtlenecks and woollies.

The boats are in the harbour:

The trees are in full bloom, sigh

And Mommies and Daddies are out with their kiddies.

New babies everywhere.

Spring. I love this season.  

Yours always,


To bee or not to bee

Spring is here and the bees are on the move.  Most not already in a dedicated home are looking for one. So read up

Yes,I’m becoming a bee advocate, and I support the ontario movement! 

You might encounter a swarm almost anywhere:

Know the difference between hornets and bees before you take a step to endanger them.

These folks are bee activists, and travel around protecting our most valued resource.

 The Ontario Beekeepers association was established in 1881. They offer courses and workshops.

At first Beginner, then Intermediate, then Queen Rearing (advanced, 3 yrs experience)



Photos and credit: Ontario Bees Association, and their advocates.


Fake news or alternative facts

My family have been questioning my blog. They say they never know if the news is factual or contrived. I’ll admit the photography is sometimes that of artists, or taken from those who share on Pinterest, mixed in with my own, but the idea behind all of this is to artistically convey my thoughts, and ideas, ahem, in a creative manner.

So keeping this in mind, I decided to show you some some shots of my visit to Plant World. 

First of, it is sometimes easy to trick the eye. 

What I found is that silk flowers, or fake can sometimes fool you. Just add a little water, et voila, you have real flowers.

But what isn’t fake news is that Spring is decidedly here, and we are loving it lakeside. This little girl is going to have swanlings as she sits on her nest every day. And guess what? Mute swans share the responsibility.  Good Daddy.

Stay tuned. Enjoy your day.



The Lisa Easter Bunny

Springtime is here.  At least on Humber Bay.  Today my thoughts go to my youngest brother Jeff and the love of his life, Lisa Marie.

I wonder if she has adorned their front door with an Easter Bunny wreath yet. 

Every year we exchange pictures of our Easter mantel but this year I have no mantel to adorn. With little space in a condo, and no wreaths allowed on our front door, I need another game plan. Soon.

So shopping we must go..

It’s not always easy leaving the little ones behind. If I was out West I know Jeff would take care of them. He does complain about them running around in the front yard, but eventually they go and play with their friends.

I love how Lisa makes Jeff special bunny pancakes, and his favourite polka-dot cake in celebration of this time of year.

On Humber Bay I don’t see any bunnies, just ducks, swans and other birds. Lots of quack quack going on. Lordy, they must be mating or something.

Well, goodbye for now.  I will catch up with you later.