The Lisa Easter Bunny

Springtime is here.  At least on Humber Bay.  Today my thoughts go to my youngest brother Jeff and the love of his life, Lisa Marie.

I wonder if she has adorned their front door with an Easter Bunny wreath yet. 

Every year we exchange pictures of our Easter mantel but this year I have no mantel to adorn. With little space in a condo, and no wreaths allowed on our front door, I need another game plan. Soon.

So shopping we must go..

It’s not always easy leaving the little ones behind. If I was out West I know Jeff would take care of them. He does complain about them running around in the front yard, but eventually they go and play with their friends.

I love how Lisa makes Jeff special bunny pancakes, and his favourite polka-dot cake in celebration of this time of year.

On Humber Bay I don’t see any bunnies, just ducks, swans and other birds. Lots of quack quack going on. Lordy, they must be mating or something.

Well, goodbye for now.  I will catch up with you later.



Post Florida

Back from day after day of continuous sunshine to a few days of overcast weather. Still, can’t complain as we are on the water.

I sure miss going over the sunshine bridge. 

And we made a big boo boo when we didn’t see the newly opened Dali museum, one of top 20 in the world to see

Nor did we get to see the Ringling Art Museum: 

But maybe next visit

Another adventure, hopefully

The Gulf Coast has never ending keys and sandy beaches. 360/365 days of sunshine… what??


Home sweet home it is ..



Venice Audubon society and Rookery

Well, we met the Gatekeeper.  His little eyes would surface. 

I’m not really sure how fast all these senior birdwatchers could run, but my bet was with the guy in a motorized wheelchair.

The Rookery did not disappoint, and it wasn’t dusk.

Even our favourite bird, the snowy egret was there.  Remember him on a windy day?

Unfortunately with no binoculars I was unable to pick out this one: but I can tell you the dark smudge in the water is a gatekeeper!

I need to go back there before sunset one day when all the birds flock to roost

Must be a lot of chatter.

Afterwards we headed over to Cedar Reef Fish Camp where Harbans had a chowder and lobster sandwich and I had a crab cake. Neither one of us tried the Alligator.

Oops, upside down, excusez-moi.  I wasn’t sure I wanted soup that bites back..

Easy afternoon, poolside.

Talk to you soon. Love, Jude xxx

The day approaches for Barb

There’s no doubt about it

But that’s okay, cause there is lots to celebrate

The BIG 70 doesn’t happen every day.

So far you’ve been pretty well behaved except for that one incident at Siesta Beach… 

Heres looking at you kid!  Enjoy your day!

Love and Best Wishes,

Judy and Harbans 

Venetians, February 2017

Venice Birding

A little here, a little there The Venice Audubon Society, encouraged us to visit The Rookery.

The list of stars include the Great Blue Heron, Great Egrets, Anhingas, Sunny Egrets, Glossy Ibises, Green Herons, Tri-Colored Herons. They flock to an island not far from here, each evening at sunset to roost for nite.  Alligators protect the lake. Hmm….

We’ll let you know! 

I love birding, but not sure how to get past the Gatekeeper.


Jude xxx