may 3rd and it’s finally closing

The buds are on the trees but I won’t be here to see the apple blossoms bloom. In the 25 years I have owned this house I have never seen this wonderful event. 

Last year I was here in April/may/July/August/October/November/December. So it’s GOT TO BE JUNE!!

Last night celebrated my bro peter’s birthday at sylvan lake. Kitty Marm decided to never let me go and other kitty jumped into car when time to leave, Hmm-reminded me of another story a long time ago.

Nice and sunny again today. I will miss the very blue skies when I’m gone.

And the landscapes, or should I say the skyscapes. But I won’t miss all the crazy circles and weird road turnings.

   I have to admit the move has been a bit of a roller coaster, and grateful for its conclusion. A release hopefully for the family, especially my sister.

I feel old today and the mirror reflects the theme

2 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. Nice, Judy!! Love the picture with the cat! You both look very comfortable!

    I am anxious to see your blogs when you get home to your beautiful back yard! Hope you post lots of pictures of it!


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