Canada day, July 1,2015 in Newmarket

Well folks, it finally stopped raining. The Canada flag is out and my red oriental lilies popped out to celebrate with me! Gosh, that’s so exciting!!

I’m posting pics of the backyard AGAIN. I know you must be thinking “why doesn’t this girl show us something else?” I would have except it was tricky holding the iPad and the umbrella with the wind threatening to blow us away.. But I promise there will be better posts to come

I’ve decided to take up painting. My first effort will be Chinese renditions of birds. WHAT YOU SAY.?  You know brush paintings of birds, maybe birds and grapes, now there is a good combination, but in the meanwhile please humour me with your comments please, now be nice… 

 Yup, I wasn’t able to get the canada day pictures up. I have a technical problem. 

I’ll be back. HAPPY CANADA DAY to everybody

2 thoughts on “Canada day, July 1,2015 in Newmarket

  1. Brilliant ! I like your idea of taking up painting! Let me know how that goes. In the meantime, you pool/backyard look beautiful! Xxxx


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