the big apple

(and I don’t mean Chudleighs )

How does one begin to explain 3 days in Manhattan?

To tell you the truth I didn’t really understand what I was getting into.. Here’s one perspective:

Area:33.6 sq miles

Population: 71,671.8 PERSONS per square mile. Now, don’t count the 65,000,000 tourists per year, or the 33,000 cab drivers…

My head is swimming.

As a birthday present I was treated to hang my hat at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel (circa 1800’s)great midtown Art Deco style architecture. We’re talking a white gloved butler who introduced us to our signature suite.

Yup, it’s a museum in itself. I loved the embroidered linen and my own boudoir, not to mention the old marble floors in the bath area. 

Oops, St Patrick’s cathedral up the street,   The doorbell with beautiful chimes  
  Lobby floors  

It’s hard to convey the ambiance, but just lets say I was spoiled rotten

  We went downstairs to the piano bar for a little refreshment and then struck out looking for trouble 

Day 2 brought on several tours and about a hundred insights, stay tuned..

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