well, it turns out that Troubles Trust is a gorgeous bar beneath the staircase lobby of the landmark New York Palace hotel. It’s named after previous owner Leona Helmsley’s pampered pooch, Trouble, a Maltese that inherited 12 million when  Leona died in 2007.

The next day we took off on foot to catch the “Downtown” and passed through Times Square. Harb didn’t even notice Minnie, or Mickey for that matter. He was harping on not missing Times Square. I wonder now if he noticed the silver guy, or the tall green Statue of Liberty fella.

Anyway we found the bus. Wow!! Times Square again, Macy’s and Madison square garden, Empire State Building, flatiron building, union square, Greenwich village,soho,Chinatown, Little Italy, and The World Trade Centre. Here we transferred to the hop on/off Ferry. Tomorrow we will take a cab back to Ground Zero. 

 Off to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island . On the ferry my camera battery died. I’ll leave it up to your imagination except to say it was very sunny and the skies were oh so blue. 

Ps: the yellow Staten Island Ferry is free

Next:Uptown. Yes, all in one day

We walked towards our rendezvous point stopping for food, bandages and Aleve. And WATER! Then after a few blocks took a cab to 34th and 7th. And back to Times Square 

Really, ’twas too much, but I was looking forward to seeing Uptown and Central Park. By now I’d observed many of the 71,000 persons per square mile..

To be continued as Jackson would say…. Gosh I miss the Wild Ones

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