Let me begin by saying there are loads of beautiful people, puppies galore, children and families enjoying Central Park. This was a highlight of my trip. 

   Okay, so the puppy picture is not mine, but you get the drift
You really should read a wiki on Central Park. All those acres so meticulously planned, down to each tree and bush. And what about the fact all the soil was trucked in from New Jersey?

Did you see the Pope in Central Park, or in Harlem, or at Madison Square Gardens? we missed him by a day, and I regret that.

Next time I’m going to visit all of those museums we passed by, or Strawberry Fields, a tribute to John Lennon.  And highly likely I’ll get off in Harlem at the Apollo Theatre.

I want to walk on the Highline, a promenade of parks and walkway built high up on train tracks, and I want to visit the Whitney Museum – so much to see, so little time. And yes, I had to put the environmental issues out of my mind, temporarily : The noise from the neighbourhoods, the construction, or the streets and sidewalks.

And what about Ground Zero? As Papa said “you can feel the pain here, it’s palpable”

So to close off, I’m attaching a few other snapshots. They are in no particular order, kind of scrambled.

Next time I’ll take it easier and attempt to keep Expectations realistic. Easier said than done..

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