NEWSFLASH: Flying Fish

My reporter at large, Rezarta Sawhney, about on the lookout for a good story, just emailed me photos of the salmon spawning run near her home close to The Old Mill, Etobicoke on the Humber River!
To my brother Michael from Medicine Hat, Alberta I say “eat your heart out”.  Yes indeed, fishing, 50 km of bicycle trails, nothing like having Lake Ontario at your doorstep!

Humber River is designated a Canadian Heritage River, collecting from about 750 creeks and tributaries.

A little bit of research gave me insight to the Anishinaabe native inhabitants who referred to the River as Cobechenonk, for “leave the canoes and go back” while other tidbits of information from my favourite resource Wiki referred to the third wave of settlement introducing the bow and arrow.

Now I don’t really know which wave I’m in, but I know it’s in the gray haired movement many many centuries later. Nevertheless, I feel very excited about these events!

I learned that Atlantic salmon are being restored as well as recent introduction of West coast Chinook and Cohoe. Those who jump and spawn use modified “jumping” structures, but other fish like brown and rainbow trout who don’t know how to jump stay at or below the Old Mill and Etienne Brûlée Park.

Some of the salmon make it quite far north, nature’s miracle.

Another picture below is of the pedestrian bridge near the Goodman Trail. If all goes according to plan, our next home will be very close to this bridge on the waterfront. It’s a beauty up close.

I can’t help but think we should have had salmon for Thanksgiving vs turkey, but at least I now know I can fish if we have a run on turkeys.

The other picture is of salmon native to the West coast.  


Bye for now. 

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