New Smyrna Beach, Florida

If you recall from my last blog, we were thinking a lot about going to Florida. Three of us, Barb, myself and Harb. Another adventure…..

 So we said goodbye to the kids 

 And flew to Orlando, next day rented a car and took off to our home away from home: 

 Last week they tell us it was 80f, but as we arrived a cold front came through: 

  Every day we walk on the beach. We come upon this man and his three birds. We spotted a pelican today and were told his name was Bob, as in “he just bobs around” and I thought it to be a perfect name. Do hope it warms up though… We haven’t been swimming yet. 
So we took off to Kennedy space centre.  

It was an amazing day. Harb and I went for training on their simulator, and let me tell you our teeth were rattling on takeoff.  I came out of that a little dizzy, but sure was fun when we got into space and saw the stars.

We saw the whole gambit. Such as launch pads, many original rockets, Atlantis, imax of the Hubble space station, the crawler, astronauts, and many planets along the way. So much information. And did you know they are looking for young astronauts to train? It was a perfect presentation of past, present, and future. And the work and assembly continues, but I can’t talk about it.  It’s classified and hush, hush.

Did you know Kennedy space centre launches manned rockets, and cape canaveral launches unmanned rockets? Lots of exploration going on and private enterprise partners in the quest of a Mars launch in yet another type of rocket and system. It’s rather mind boggling, 

And so were the alligators lazing around, and a bald eagle, and egrets.

What a huge park and seashore!

After a long day we drove back.

Tomorrow is another day. Life’s a Beach.

Roving Reporter: Barb Blake, photo credits

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