New Smyrna beach

Day 6

Well, still no sun. Lots of fog, mist, but beautiful beach to walk. We bought a Florida  powerball lottery ticket as the winning ticket brings home 900,000,ooo$. That’s 900 million US $. If we win that I’m not sure what we will do. What would you do?

So, we went to McDonald’s for a coffee and talked this over. Do you know they bring your order to you at your table?  Anyways we decided to pop over to a couple of stores to buy some clothes for the great unveiling of the powerball ticket when we go on TV. I’m pretty sure this will show up in Canada too.

I also bought some furry flip flops, a bathing suit or two, and Barb bought a white shirt.

We went for lunch at Yellow Dog Eats, a hip place and great eatery. Harb and I split a tuna sandwich and Barb enjoyed a pulled pork feast, too much she said. 

So we explored some shops and by then it was time to go home.  Only Barb went in the pool. We sat back and watched the fog, cause we couldn’t see the water although it was only a few feet away.  Please sun, come out! 

Oh well, life’s a beach.  Now those two are playing sudoku..

See you later.


Judy 🇺🇸

One thought on “New Smyrna beach

  1. Romantic and nice, looks relaxing. I like tiny stores, local restaurants, attractive coffee shops not part of big chains, flavour of a mild ever lasting summer. Stay there – the weather will be better.


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