Winter in new smyrna

Today we are in a roller coaster of weather change, and a cold front

Further south it’s not too nice either and do I have a picture for you! 

Yup, it’s certainly tricky🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪

On the seashore, the walks are shorter, for the wind bites 

We went over to the Marine Discovery Centre inquiring about Eco tours on the Indian River estuary. We tentatively booked for tomorrow as today’s tour was cancelled due to winds and cold temperatures.

And I fell in love with a turtle. I’m looking forward to visiting him tomorrow.



One thought on “Winter in new smyrna

  1. And I thought you were quiet….Look into another social media, i said to my self, or you pointed to it very much, and, voila !!! i see that you have a new love – a turtle. On the fashion side – an interesting combination of a hoodie and a shall.


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