New Smyrna continues cold

I’m feeling rather shut in. 

To sum it up: cold, in the 30’s, 40’s, tv is all about Trump or Cruz, or now Trump and Palin, and the stock market is down. Our dollar is worth .67.

The news never mentions Canada, except to highlighted news telling Cruz to go back to Canada as he was born there to an American mother. 

Here people just wave to each other from the balconies🤗🤗

So we get out first thing in the morning, walk inland, and look at mermaids, dish flowers, and check to see if the red flag is up on the beach. Yup! And the chair is empty, the beach abandoned, no pods of dolphins to be seen. 

Harb is dreaming of going home 

I’m looking at odd things. 

But despite all, we are eating healthy except for a little key lime pie 

The strawberries are from Florida, mm.

So to sum it up:

1. Haven’t been in pool 2. No more walking on the beach 3.shovel sand, not snow 4.bronchitis

We leave on Sunday. It has been a slice. Hope we avoid the major snowstorm for the northeast. They are calling it winter storm Jonas. Could be the biggest snow storm in 5 years.



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