Yes, I am beside myself. On the way home we turned the corner, and before you could say “WHAT THE ?” An unbelievable sight appeared. I was choked up. 

 And those by the crane went down too.  They were all laying down in a row, fallen warriors – those green giants who sway in the wind and detox our air that we breathe. All felled in less than 3 minutes each. 

I’m not happy. 

Not a tree left. We were told there would be a Park behind us.  Perhaps in this interpretation a park = no trees.  Talk about upsetting the Eco system! We had so many birds, and ducks, and geese. Heck, we won’t mention the eagle, the red fox on the hill, or the blue heron who used to fly over every night.

Now all we see is the back of houses built 20 years ago.  How many families, how many children, saw this go down? I can tell you, it made me sick.  When I tell people, they say, well it’s progress.

Frankly, I am disgusted. A new kind of park. In all its new glory.

And we, as a community DID fight this. We came together, hundreds of people lobbied through several town hall meetings and we spent thousands of dollars on legal representation including the Town of Newmarket who also disagreed with this development. But you know what, wise people up the chain at the Ontario arbitrary board approved it for development. They don’t even live here, or know of our wants and desires for green space.  Of healthy living.

Let’s face it, money talks.  And you can be sure energy costs will soar for the many hundreds of homeowners in the Glenway subdivisions, cause there won’t be any shade in the summer, and no cool place for children to play. 

And that was at the end of January.

The End.

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