Après Valentine’s et Family Day

Before Valentine’s Day I was visiting my favourite stores, one being Longos, just to see what presentations would be displayed both in the pastry and flower shops. I was not to be disappointed.

Joanne said to come back Saturday, when everything would be on display. 

Being an old fashioned type of gal, I received beautiful tulips from Harb, with a mix of hydrangea. Oops, one is falling out. 
  In preparation for Family Day, and the arrival of  our beautiful grandchildren (the wild ones), we spread our love around …Hearts were all over the place ❣We felt sorry for Rez who was feeling under the weather.

Mixed in with the celebration of Family Day, and a sleepover, was a gruelling super Lego Marathon. Non stop! The little blob of brown you see should not be mistaken for a walnut or date.  This very  important piece is Hair which belongs to a character, which unfortunately was left behind at 10 Mill Cove. 

The feeling was like this: 

Oh well, we had fun. We even went out for a pizza freshly made for the boys at Cocelli’s, and before you know it they were whisked away by Paul the next afternoon.  And the Hair too.

I guess we can now get back to shovelling snow, and looking for that elusive condo by the water. 

By the way , in case you are wondering, we ate fruit vs cupcakes. No additional sugar was needed.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..



3 thoughts on “Après Valentine’s et Family Day

  1. Hi, Judy!

    This is your best post yet!!! The pictures are fantastic!

    You are starting to look and sound like Carol from Paris Breakfasts!

    And that is a HUGE compliment!

    Keep up the good work, girlfriend!!

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Thanks barb. ❣carol has thousands if not millions of readers.
      I’m keeping this to family and friends. For now. (Until I get serious)
      But what are friends for? Support is wonderful to receive.


  2. What can I say? Typical Judy – in a full amusing and creative swing. As if I were in your home for Valentine’s and Family Day, feeling all that enjoyment and winter wonderland afterwards (read: shovelling).


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