Marina Beach Life, Part 2

Well guys, I think being by the ocean this winter influenced me in many ways.

For starters, looking at water out our front window every day for three weeks helped to distract me and realize quality life in a smaller space might work. OH! What’s that? Is that a dolphin? As you know I fell in love with a turtle at the marine centre, and got right into the ecology of the estuaries and wondrous sights of so many types of birds that live there. There’s something about the ocean which captures my spirit.

Back in Canada it was time to make a life change.


To make a long story short, we are moving from our beautiful  beloved home, packing up our stuff, downsizing by about 80%, and stepping into a new life. I feel like my mother and father must have felt when they did the trek from their own surroundings and stunning environment.  And I think about this almost every day.  It gives me courage.

Yes, YET ANOTHER “FOR SALE”SIGN‼️ photo credit ksquaredcomics.

So what is ahead? 

1. Condo overlooking Humber Bay, Lake Ontario, including two marinas with sailboats. Regattas 3x/week I’m told.

2.The Malibu Club, indoor swimming pool overlooking Lake, large outside deck with lawn chairs during the hazy, lazy days of summer. A workout and recreation centre, a library, a party room, activities and social club, ping pong, outdoor tennis, personal trainers galore (hint, hint Judy). It seems there is going to be lots to do!

3. The part I like best are the grounds, the trails and flowerbeds, the walking or cycling path that extends for kilometres beside the lake, the butterfly gardens, the herb garden, the outside BBQ picnic area and a community whose interest includes my own toward the lake Eco system.  Yes, I think this will be right up our alley.

4. Downsizing however, is less fun. Oh my goodness! How does one collapse nearly 3000 sq ft into living quarters of just over 1500?  No balcony, but windows galore.. Well, I think we need a plan. First start with the basement – everything out.

5. In the meantime I look forward to Spring, the geese are now flying over the house. I wonder if they are going to nest beside the pool this year? 

Geese, turtles, swans. What’s happening to me?



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