House beautiful


Never thought staging a home would be so much fun, ahem.  For others, the work involved might be painful, but I truly believe every effort counts in the long run towards the sale of a home!

As you may know, my daughter-in-law is a certified stager. We asked her to give us a walk through and help us in our bathroom and closets. WELL, did things ever fly into piles. This girl is a whirlwind. It took us 2 days to recover. What I loved was watching her go through Harbs closet, shirts sailing through the air. You know, get rid of this, how old is this?

It was all very funny to me until she hit my bathroom. She called me a Hoarder, and again items took flight.  Thank god she brought all these black boxes to store things in, and made the closet look cute – like a store really.

Half my clothes are gone as are the shoes. Harb lost half his shirts but the remaining half are all color coordinated, with one color hangers all pointed north.

Rez also brought us some plants and boxes and made me promise to put contact paper on bottom shelves in the bathroom.

I painted a lot. Interestingly enough I knew some areas needed touch up, but I was not prepared for the amount of work to be done

Thank god again we had used neutral colours to begin with

You might need a magnifying glass to read the above pointers. 

We put a backsplash in the kitchen. It was supposed to be oatmeal colour. The marble looks blue. I cried over that boondoggle.

We had to repair concrete, the side door, empty the basement and garage (no easy feat), and just as we were feeling somewhat satisfied the garage door opener mechanism completely broke. Replace, repair: the days went on and on.

We opened the pool but it has been freezing. Now we have to stage outside too, so we loaded up the car with plants and flowers. They are inside the house at every corner. Hope it warms up soon because I need a rest and those plants need to be outside.

Long story short we are being visited by our realtor and videographer tomorrow.

To be continued… As they say 

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