Decisions, decisions

Hi Family and Friends,

Before I begin introducing you to my ramblings let me first present you with a small token of my appreciation. It is after all, you , who inspire me to move forward.. 

Do you like them?  

So I begin, ahem. The last few days have been hectic, our lives seemingly upside down with the packing of our belongings (will it ever end?) Yet  we are successfully downsizing “the stuff”.  It’s interesting to experience the editing, the decisions, the letting go. If I had to do this over again, I would simply hire a company to take everything away. Let me be clear. I mean absolutely walk away, start fresh. No looking back!

My thoughts are filled with logistics, choices to make, and a game plan.

In 26 days we will be painting our new place by the water. It’s looking so sad and scratched up right now.

A week afterwards we move in with just a few pieces of furniture, and by summer end a new kitchen will be part of our life. Maybe there will be a few bumps along the way, but hey, something has got to give.

Sharing a few of my inspiration shots:

    Maybe this is too informal?
So will you join us?

PS the sailboats are in the harbour. 



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