A trip to pusateri’s

Rezarta knows where to take me and make me happy. This is one savvy girl, mother of the Wild Ones.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this hip deli/bakery/eatery/specialty and it was only 8:30 a.m, coffee time.

So stop we did.

Ahem, Rezarta liked the gold bowl, ahem/pause for a housewarming gift..

This shop went on and on. For a moment only, my mind slipped and I thought I was back in Paris

Angelina? Angelina is HERE?

My mind was spinning!

What? A Nutella shop? Sushi?

Darn, that Bowl again. Did I bring my visa?

Flowers everywhere

So we 3 girls had a coffee and le muffin. Marilyn had a triple chocolate, although double chocolate wAs there too. Rez went healthy but then brought over a speciality coffee, and I, well I forgot as my mind had slipped again as I was looking at a mannequin with a nudie sign.

The lady next to us was reading a book about Paris so I was pretty sure her mind had slipped as well.

Anyone coming to Toronto, make sure Rez is your guide. I promise your mind will slip too!

Love Judy 


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