How to increase value of your condo

Wise men say the kitchen is where you want to put your bucks:

Instead of this Diy: 

 Consider an upgrade to this: 

I will let you know in time what transpires, cause I’ve got an idea or two which hopefully won’t break the Bank. 

Our most recent challenge is finding a couch which will fit through the door.  We bought one, but thought, let’s just have someone measure to make sure.  Well, guess what! Big fat NO IT WILL NOT.

Lucky for us as it was a sale, as in no return, so we cancelled it.

Living in a condo is tricky at times. Rules, rules, and more rules.  But I appreciate this, as the overall building remains peaceful and homelike for all.

I remember going on and on how I wanted light in the condo. Well, girl, ya got it now.  With all the big windows and sunlight pouring through, we are sporting sunglasses throughout the day, and the blinds are down!! Blinded by the Light, isn’t that a song?

Even visitors hurriedly thumb through their purses looking for their shades.. 

What can I say?  It has been a hot summer. For pete’s sake, don’t complain, it is only 80+ degrees in here

Maybe it will be nice in winter?

Condo life, stay tuned….


Jude xxxx

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