When I first googled cupping, I was shown various cups of tea, bone China, and some really odd photos. After our big move I knew I needed to pay more attention to my health and get the show on the road

I wasn’t sure how I felt, but knew it was in the area of “rotten”

Enter self analysis: 

My new Doctor suggested I visit the Sports Rehab clinic next door, which I did do. My Doctor by the way is a grad of McMaster university, and took great care to know my “history”, ahem, long story.

Over to the clinic I marched, which just opened a branch from its Mother Ship, and I met my future physiotherapist.  I really didn’t know what to expect. He took me in stride…

He also is a grad of McMaster University, and I wondered at this.   

It was a l-o-n-g interview. We finally came to the conclusion I would receive bodywork, nerve/muscle stimulation, work on my balance, hot packs, and a group of exercises performed in a circuit.  The big question, ” what was my goal”? He asked me this twice. Was I in for the long run?

Oh my, I started immediately. What happened was that I suddenly had a massage therapist, a physiotherapist, and a personal trainer, all wrapped into one. In about 2 hours I had completed my first session, which included a circuit of cardio, leg press, rubber ball, rubber bands, and it went on and on.

I go 3x a week.  It is the best investment of my time that I have made in a long long while.

So back to cupping. This is a new therapy, and it is wonderful. 

This is for myofascial decompression. Google it!  All I know is that this has helped me so much after 3 sessions, in combination with other bodywork and hot packs (20 minutes) that when I leave the clinic I feel like walking, and walking, and walking. And I do. 

Happiness, welcome Home!

I am very grateful to have discovered this particular clinic and team of professionals. Everyone is upbeat, friendly, and encouraging.  In particular I am thankful to this young physiotherapist who knows his stuff and is open to other therapies, and is not rattled taking on a complex individual like myself.

I think I’m going to get back on my feet continuing on this road.

Yeah, cupping looks strange, but hey, give it a whirl.


Jude xxxxxx

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