The list for 2017

The last few days I have been mulling over many ideas, and a list of objectives or future objectives are taking shape.

A strong desire to return to Paris is at the forefront.  

Maybe it the neighbourhoods and European influence that surrounds us in our new home overlooking the water.

Maybe it’s because I’m half French ( better than no French at all I say), but I actually yearn to pound the cobblestone streets 

Rain or no rain.  Last time when we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, I saw this beautiful store of umbrellas. In all these years I’ve never seen a boutique devoted strictly to umbrellas. Naturally it was closed, after hours, and we left the next morning.

It’s said that  you’ve never seen an umbrella until you’ve seen a parasol from France. So why not go to Paris to get myself an umbrella? There, that makes my objective even stronger. After all, an umbrella could  be used on the Riviera, or the Seine, or in the sunny parks, and even back home over looking the lake.

I don’t know why  it has taken me 5 years to decide to return to Paris. Or buy an umbrella for that matter, but I have in mind something colourful, sturdy but playful, with strength to go to the Riviera.  

It could be I will be forced to buy two umbrellas.  I can feel it in my bones.YES! this is the handle of an umbrella, with a watch!

Could come in handy!! I could even use it as a walking stick. You know, stability over those cobblestones.

So just thinking. But when the force awakens, the force awakens.



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