Venice Audubon society and Rookery

Well, we met the Gatekeeper.  His little eyes would surface. 

I’m not really sure how fast all these senior birdwatchers could run, but my bet was with the guy in a motorized wheelchair.

The Rookery did not disappoint, and it wasn’t dusk.

Even our favourite bird, the snowy egret was there.  Remember him on a windy day?

Unfortunately with no binoculars I was unable to pick out this one: but I can tell you the dark smudge in the water is a gatekeeper!

I need to go back there before sunset one day when all the birds flock to roost

Must be a lot of chatter.

Afterwards we headed over to Cedar Reef Fish Camp where Harbans had a chowder and lobster sandwich and I had a crab cake. Neither one of us tried the Alligator.

Oops, upside down, excusez-moi.  I wasn’t sure I wanted soup that bites back..

Easy afternoon, poolside.

Talk to you soon. Love, Jude xxx

3 thoughts on “Venice Audubon society and Rookery

    1. Most are. The blue heron was a stock photo but he was on the rookery, SO representative of population.
      The red egret, stock also, but they are part of the rookery
      I needed a better camera.
      I think we have an anhinga in the back yard


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