The Lisa Easter Bunny

Springtime is here.  At least on Humber Bay.  Today my thoughts go to my youngest brother Jeff and the love of his life, Lisa Marie.

I wonder if she has adorned their front door with an Easter Bunny wreath yet. 

Every year we exchange pictures of our Easter mantel but this year I have no mantel to adorn. With little space in a condo, and no wreaths allowed on our front door, I need another game plan. Soon.

So shopping we must go..

It’s not always easy leaving the little ones behind. If I was out West I know Jeff would take care of them. He does complain about them running around in the front yard, but eventually they go and play with their friends.

I love how Lisa makes Jeff special bunny pancakes, and his favourite polka-dot cake in celebration of this time of year.

On Humber Bay I don’t see any bunnies, just ducks, swans and other birds. Lots of quack quack going on. Lordy, they must be mating or something.

Well, goodbye for now.  I will catch up with you later.



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