Fake news or alternative facts

My family have been questioning my blog. They say they never know if the news is factual or contrived. I’ll admit the photography is sometimes that of artists, or taken from those who share on Pinterest, mixed in with my own, but the idea behind all of this is to artistically convey my thoughts, and ideas, ahem, in a creative manner.

So keeping this in mind, I decided to show you some some shots of my visit to Plant World. 

First of, it is sometimes easy to trick the eye. 

What I found is that silk flowers, or fake can sometimes fool you. Just add a little water, et voila, you have real flowers.

But what isn’t fake news is that Spring is decidedly here, and we are loving it lakeside. This little girl is going to have swanlings as she sits on her nest every day. And guess what? Mute swans share the responsibility.  Good Daddy.

Stay tuned. Enjoy your day.



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