It is not every day you get to have a reunion with your cousins.  This time it was Mar-Lodge..

It was undoubtedly the best opportunity to not only enjoy each other, but take a trip down memory lane. My cousin Jocelyne remarked about our precious time as little girls building those fern houses in the valley nearby. Our secret hideaway tea house. Anne Marie and I compared notes about our kids. Her daughter is a marine biologist, her son a graphic artist.

Me? I wanted very much for Denise to break out in song, remember Yellow Bird?  Next reunion, it’s A MUST!

And by the way I’d like to subscribe to the wrinkle remover that both Pierre et Denise use.  The selfie he sent out smacked seriously of “fake news”, but who am I to question its validity?

My sister Marilyn invited her friend Rochelle to join us. Turns out her pure white hair created quite a stir with the girls claiming resemblance to their mother Madeleine, who by the way, was my Godmother.

And yet another group of boy cousins from the Lodge-Sawhney side. 2nd Generation! Alberta-Toronto at Andrew and Serena’s wedding.  The blonde boys are my sibling Michael’s grandsons, sons of his son Erik. The boys in blue are my grandsons.

I’m so happy that we were fortunate to regroup. So much laughter, so little time to catch up.

Anne Marie has made a suggestion that we get together next summer, an overnighter. Oh my God, I’m really into that idea. Denise will have plenty of time to practice for the event.

I love you guys,

The Best thing in Life, our Family Tree.

Jude xxxx

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