Puppy Love and Miss Scissor-Hands

I went for my haircut today. Gosh, it has been 4 months since I last saw Miryana. The last time my cut was so short my brother Jim, Vancouver asked me what was going on.  Little did he know Miryana simply tidied up a hack job I had done to my own hair.

Marilyn and I nicknamed her Miss Scissor-Hands because of the way she handles those scissors.  You know, snip, snip, snip. God, she doesn’t stop, the snip, snip goes on forever…  Her and I go back 20+ years now. 

Miryana has another side to her. This girl is seriously in love with dogs. In fact she is part and parcel of a business of taking care of people’s pets when they go away. She’s one amazing lady. 

Incredibly all sizes and breeds intermingle, they each have a bed, their own bowl, and live on the first floor of the farmhouse.

She just lines them up. I heard no cages but can this be? 

I’m not sure if it’s a spa, but each bundle of cuteness, is seriously in love with this girl. The owners say their dogs are more relaxed when they pick them up.

What is the secret I wonder?Why does this community thrive so well? 

Are there rules and regulations? There must be for the dog owners as well knowing this girl.  I suspect she’s a dog whisperer type of person. I mean for god’s sake, she has time for coffee! I’ve got to dig deeper…

Miryana told me once the small ones are sometimes separated from their larger counterparts.

When I saw the picture of her beloved, the little black face puppy, it occurred to me that Miss Scissor-Hands was well equipped to do the honour of beautification in terms of a haircut. WHAT? No! Surprisingly this little fur baby is professionally groomed.

And likes to shop, likes flowers, goes everywhere with her, and gets lots of kisses.  

Look at that little pink tongue! This puppy makes her light up. She’s crazy in love, what a face…

It was so great to see Miryana today. Of course we talked about Marilyn… and other things like going to Paris, or maybe Aruba, or maybe a cruise around the world.

You’d be surprised how cathartic getting your hair cut is with an old friend…. I always leave there feeling better.

Love and Hugs,


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