A Change In Weather

The Leaf People are here!

I’m looking forward to the walks!  To Psithurism. To visiting country inns and day trips to the markets.

I’ve always enjoyed Autumn. I like the feel of a warm scarf around my neck, on blustery days.

Our goal this September is to visit as many parks and trails we can, 

And of course chow down on some hearty soup along the way.  Sigh… I love this time of year.

Do you?

All my Love


3 thoughts on “A Change In Weather

  1. I thought at first you had some maple leaf fans at your door….lol….looks like my travel plans are changing so likley won’t be able to stop by and check out your place. We are also on watch do to fire risk with cabin in Montana and I am also on the waitlist for a hip replacement. If a spot comes open I will jump (hobble) in to it. Enjoy the colours…..nothing prettier that that in the east!

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