Pep Talks

Since my Birthday in August I’ve been giving myself non stop inspiration.

I AM symbolized the Invictus Games, and  I think it applies to each and every one of us.

Knowing yourself, is a game-changer .

Making room for the pleasures of life is important.

These days I truly wonder what is going on in the world. Or maybe it’s a matter of what is not happening in our world of communities. 

Despite everything I choose to portray how I feel about “my” world, and in how I live. I’m developing  strong faith in that we can fight off the uglies. I hope so with all my heart. There is another growing generation behind us. Little guys who believe the world has a lot to offer for their future. They are innocents mostly, at this stage of the game, but they do know about “lockdowns” in their school. Remember, Sandy Hook? 

My niece Jennifer posted a verse from Corinthians which  touched me deeply.

This is my World. Hers too. Keep us safe❤️



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