The GOOD News

People are asking if I have written any blogs lately.

I couldn’t. So I am submitting this:

Really, I didn’t have the heart to write. Just too much bad and sad news, the reality of our world. I was aching inside from the disappointments emerging from humanity.

I’m thinking about how to approach the coming season.

Jennifer posted:

Marie posted a picture of her grandchild, the picture of innocence:

It’s these moments that give me comfort.

Tomorrow I will visit a place of Holiday Cheer with a dear friend, it is time.

Love you,


One thought on “The GOOD News

  1. There is lot to be happy about, burn one thing I suggest is top watching the news. Rent or go to comical movies, or musical events that fill us with happiness as people dance and sing. Well us old people just tap our hands and fart… What do you say we start planning our summer family reunion in Montana? Get out your calendar!

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