Do you remember Miss Scissorhands?

This gorgeous friend of mine, who is talented in so many ways, and who has a heart of gold is celebrating an auspicious birthday, her 50th!

Yes, I trekked up North to see my gal, again months have passed.

We couldn’t help but talk about our families, exchange pictures, and look forward to summer antics!

Miryana lives on a horse farm, and is a 100% dog whisperer. It seems that she also did a stint with chickens, who kept pecking at her as she fed them. A new Love has entered her love, see below. Now, that makes two sweeties aside from all the dogs she whispers to on a weekly basis at the Doggie DayCare.

By the way the smaller dog rules.

This tall slim blonde is wondering if she should laugh or cry at turning 50. From my viewpoint, laughter seemed to be the best choice as I’m turning 70. What’s a girl to do? She knows I made an effort to go up there and get my haircut today. She URGED me to call in future if I needed an emergency repair. She said she’d pack her bag, her equipment and head right down. She also wondered if Marilyn came down this past summer. She really wants the three of us to get together. So Marilyn, if you are planning a trip in summer 2018, include Miss Scissorhands in the game plan.

It’s so interesting that Miryana with her European background, can be a whisperer, live the life in the King rolling country surroundings, yet be the gal all dolled up who loves shopping for clothes. I wish we lived closer.

Miryana, a 50th Birthday is one to cherish! You have so many who love you, enjoy the warmth!

May you have the very best year EVER!


Judy xxxx

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