Summer is Here!

The condo is in pieces and we are in the attic.

The beautiful flowers are growing

And already June is around the corner. Hopefully summer will last for awhile. We are approaching 30 degrees and Newfoundland had 30 cm of snow.

My one thing I adore in the heat

Cherry yogurt, or strawberry

And I’m not golfing in Hawaii where Jeff and Lisa are headed.

I’ll stay here and swim,

Maybe buy a table

Or hang a piece of art. Not many walls to do so, only glass

Hopefully we will move back into our place in a months time. Maybe two. Poor Rezarta stuck with her in-laws. The wild ones like it. They visit us “up there” often, and try to get into our bed ❤️

Hopefully the Reno will keep us warm for winter time and give us a little bit more room.

In the meantime, exercise is in order!

Love you guys

Enjoy these fine day!

Jude xxx

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