The 70’s Road Trip

I’m thinking again. An urge to change things up is stirring an incredible love of colours.

I refer to my first Love, the Blue Volkswagen Beetle.

I’m sure my siblings remember those days back in the 60’s.

Well, I’ve got the bug again. I kid you not.

And I’m thinking either roadster or convertible or a bit of both. I thought about it, concluding that this could be Jackson’s first car. I can just see him riding around with his brother Henry, and their cronies. 

Or maybe (with his luggage on the back ) heading off to soccer. You know they go up north every year to THE Boys Cottage. 

But hey, I’ve finally decided a roadster with two seats would not be practical for us now. Where would we fit the yearly visitors, the grandkids, or our luggage?

So I’m being practical here. All I have to decide is which colour. Apparently there’s every colour under the rainbow.

Really. You can get them in pink, red, yellow, striped, polka dot, the sky is the limit

So im going to go for a test drive. And I’ll look over the colours available. I told the boys I’d get a red sports car when I lost 50 lbs. I’m 20 lbs shy, but it’s headed in the right direction




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