The Visit of Mz Barby

Every Fall in September since 2014 we have been graced by the presence of our friend Barbara. This all started after The Alaska Reunion, The New Smyrna Beach Visit, and The Venice Beach adventure trips.

This year our To Do list numbered over 20 on the bucket list. Including a nice outdoor fire at Rez and Paul’s. Henry gave us a rendition of his latest music on the spoons!

Since it was very hot we weren’t quite sure which would come first or which would come last! We didn’t expect on her departure day to feel the remnants of Hurricane Gordon, no electricity and BIG one, no coffee! This girl makes her exit in a very expressive way!

We walked and talked and ate out, and adjusted to each day as it came about.

At first we were hot, then cold, then rained upon.

Just a few highlights:

The lakeshore, the parks, the birds and wildlife and then the art galleries

Barb had 4 pairs of shoes with her.

Our feet were nearly worn out! She was determined to do 10k steps!

So girl, it has been a slice, like usual.

Still lots left to see for next trip.

And another breakfast to tide you over for those days with no power, ha ha

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