Montreal in October

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

There is no better way to celebrate Harb’s Birthday than to head off to Montreal with the intent of spending time with our Aunt Renée Paquette.

Ma Tante is my nightly partner in some serious Scrabble. She wins 99% of the games, beating me soundly in English, her second language.

This lady, only 86 ( acts like 68) drives her own car, lives in her home, is an artist and loves I mean REALLY LOVES, dessert.

So out we went, day tripping at Pointe Claire, visiting a quaint area by the Lake. I bought an original painting at L’Artelier du Village, a pair of boots, sneakers, and a shirt. I also bought a hand crafted bracelet you can see in the picture

Ma Tante no longer does oil painting on larger canvas, but is now doing watercolours on card stock. She must have at least one hundred, but get this, every one is an original and different. No similar renderings here.

I was very inspired. Wouldn’t you be? This cultural centre was once a gentleman’s summer home. It was eventually donated to the City for $one dollar. Now it’s an art centre with numerous events and activities.

We made it back in time to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Rez, Paul, Jackson and Henry.

We brought a big blueberry pie from The Red Apple on the 401. Now that’s an experience in itself!

I must mention that the above dishes were given to me from Aunt Madeleine and now Rezarta has them. Generations of families and thankfulness, passed on.

Love to all,


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