Peony Season Somewhere

Shall we go to Paris mid April?

I don’t want to miss the blooms on the trees or the Peony Season which lasts for 12 weeks.

I have this book because I must see the blooms every day. It’s that and the wonderful display of roses!

I always had a vision of having a flower store. So I went to a School nearby which teaches how to handle flowers, work with them and create beautiful bouquets. As I entered their front door I realized that I wouldn’t be able to take the course.

The scents completely overwhelmed me and I had to exit. I’ve never quite had that experience. Alas, maybe I could work in a flower field or a greenhouse, but boy it got hot in there, plus I needed my epi pen to work with our friends, the bees, the pollinators.

So for me it’s simple now. Just go stand in a flower shop, or in a park and absorb the surrounding beauty. Take it all in, or alternatively, fly to Paris again.

The Parisienne really know how to Pink things up. It’s incredible.

Today however, I’ll just take in the glory of Rezarta’s orchids in the sunlight

Don’t worry, I’ve protected the table..

They are almost as wonderful as going to Paris. Almost..



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