My Hometown

It is said that when you go back to your hometown it is because you miss your Childhood memories.

I have been reminded of this lately by a friend

The Big House on the hill, generations behind us and generations yet to come.

Memories are precious (or not) but I say make the best of it. Love your family and friends – my mind never changes in this regard, for I have stayed true to the course, and found the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Accept the idiosyncratic path of Life!

And accept those moments no matter how difficult they become.

Show your Love. Hold them tight.

Love the peaceful day.

Bring your friends along with you.

Under protest, to be sure!

Because if you don’t, what then?

It’s good to share

Study Life hard, make the Most of it

But what I’m really interested in is The Elixir of Youth. If you find it, let me know

These wrinkles of Time are getting the best of me !

Damn It!!


Jude xxx

June 2019

The Toronto Aquarium was amazing!

A terrific scene, I’m anxious to go ahead although I took several videos, mesmerizing to watch.

Very eery. Couldn’t see the boats for awhile. Our windows provide us with a continuous changing waterscape.

First it was fog

Then it was sunny

Then the pool opened.

My Gosh is it summer?

I guess it’s time to get out the shorts.

One thing happening this week. We are getting visitors from out West!

Love to all,

Jude xxxx

Peony Season Somewhere

Shall we go to Paris mid April?

I don’t want to miss the blooms on the trees or the Peony Season which lasts for 12 weeks.

I have this book because I must see the blooms every day. It’s that and the wonderful display of roses!

I always had a vision of having a flower store. So I went to a School nearby which teaches how to handle flowers, work with them and create beautiful bouquets. As I entered their front door I realized that I wouldn’t be able to take the course.

The scents completely overwhelmed me and I had to exit. I’ve never quite had that experience. Alas, maybe I could work in a flower field or a greenhouse, but boy it got hot in there, plus I needed my epi pen to work with our friends, the bees, the pollinators.

So for me it’s simple now. Just go stand in a flower shop, or in a park and absorb the surrounding beauty. Take it all in, or alternatively, fly to Paris again.

The Parisienne really know how to Pink things up. It’s incredible.

Today however, I’ll just take in the glory of Rezarta’s orchids in the sunlight

Don’t worry, I’ve protected the table..

They are almost as wonderful as going to Paris. Almost..




If anyone talks to you about renovating your kitchen, best you run away!

At first you look at Pinterest and decide on styles you like. I’ll tell you right now, forget the notion of synching that with both your budget and vision.

We found out the hard way.

First we got all sorts of measurements and drew up floor plans. And then we bugged an architect friend to verify our findings.

Then another set was drawn up for the condominium corporation. We knew we had electrical problems and nothing met code.

We couldn’t find a contractor that was available for at least six months. Remember folks, we live 10 floors up in a condominium and the elevators are small.

Said contractor, if we found one, could only work between 9 and 5, zero weekends, and the elevator had to be booked ahead of time. Then our plan had to be approved by the condominium corporation with documents proving all electricians and plumbers were certified. The contractor needed to give proof of his insurance and so did we.

Eventually we asked the builder who built Paul’s house. He flat refused. We begged cause I had seen what their people could do. Because he’s basically a kind person and after constant pleading he agreed, but under duress and as a favour to Paul. His people were wonderful with unique characters.

Oh my God!

Two months later we went to a kitchen place with the designer that works with the group. We kept harping on budget

Everything got torn out. Everything dumped and taken away. We discovered problems and they had to be fixed. The electrical and plumbing were moved and a new drop ceiling put in as there was previously no lighting.

The floor stayed but had to be unclicked to remove the old conduit that was connected to the island stove, embedded in concrete.

The designer hated the corner and straightened the kitchen along the back wall. I wanted lights over the counter.

The porcelain backdrop was WALKED UP 10 floors as it would not fit on the elevator !

I was shocked šŸ˜³ but then men insisted “it wouldn’t look nice” split in half. So they did it and it was very heavy. They didn’t complain but I’m sure there had to be some cussing turning those curves in the hallways. They must have done 200 steps up with that huge slab which was 10′ long.

This is only a small bit of our reno story

I’m trying not to stir up too many memories as I wish to sleep tonight

We returned to the condo 3 months afterwards. Since all the cutting and sawing and swearing was done inside the place needed to be cleaned and repainted and dressed up again

Oh I didn’t mention it but we did one bathroom (stripped to the bone) and a partial on the other during the same period

We were blessed in that we were lucky enough to be able to stay at Paul and Rezarta’s only 10 minutes away. We owe them zillions of kid-sitting and cat care hours.

It was a very stressful and difficult yet exciting time.

I can see why people are told to take a vacation like Jim did as their house was turned upside down. We couldn’t as we had responsibility to over 260 other owners of our Phase 2. Like no flood or fire please!

I’ll get some pictures together of the stages now that the dust has settled

Everything works. All new appliances had to be installed. On the day we moved in our clothes washer broke down though. Oh well, what’s one more appliance?

As you can see the big 6′ island is gone. We now have a living room! A future island could be on wheels but no rush; those memories all in the past now…. until I started to write this story and realized I could never really express the drama that went along with this adventure.

We live a style of minimalism. I’m okay with that. But be very cautious if you hear the word Reno. Especially if you live in a condominium.



January Ghosts

I heard about the Big White ghosts through my family. Truly, it took my breath away

One is blessed to ski among these tall ladies

I call them ladies, because well, ghosts could be a bit scary.

Then there was this, which was scary:

But overall the damage was not too bad and New Years Eve was celebrated in an awesome way!

Happy New Year




Christmas wishes

Christmas 2018 is for our family the Best ever! New Baby girls everywhere.

Welcome little Rory Elizabeth. I see your sister is quite happy

Speaking of sister a new little Edith joined the family in California, girl number 3

And little Lillian well she’s vacationing with her parents in Mexico.

And those questions of what do you want for Christmas are being asked.

So have a look at this:

Oh ya, and let’s get more pictures of the boys. They are being outnumberedā¤ļø


Mom xxx