Annual Xmas Adventures

My faithful and curious friend Anne and I made our trip to Plant World yesterday.

She says she has to touch everything and by the looks of things, she sure did.

That, and our glass of hot apple cider!

This years delight was definitely in the pink!

Then the owls and the bluebirds of paradise, the blue jays and then the ribbons

My head was spinning and Anne’s fingers were becoming extremely traumatized.. I was worried about her.

I mean this girl touched everything. I was wearing my normal seasonal poncho which usually gets stuck on a branch and pulls trees down. When it’s time to remove your tree after Xmas just call me. I’ve perfected the manoeuvre perfectly. The trees basically follow me.

I didn’t see a lot of red balls. Violet is in this year. The big bull had found his way back too!

For sure I’m going back

Must find the red, just MUST!



Happy Diwali

It’s that special time of year again!

Candles, sweets and well wishes galore

Bottom line Harb says: Triumph of Good over Evil

Well, I must admit I didn’t know that but for years have been lighting those candles!

Our friend Bob says I’m a Biophile

When I checked that out I had to agree. If the shoe fits, wear it!

“One that loves Or has a strong affinity for Life and all living organisms”

Then he said”


As a noun: a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms.

How about

1. An innate love for the natural world, supposed to be felt universally by all humankind!

Okay, I’ve said enough

Simply light the candles Jude

Really feel it



It’s cooling down

And my muscles know it. Time to get busy with stretches:

I did these for years. It doesn’t take long to do but gosh it is so important! Then why not these too:

You can find all 34 on Pinterest!

Don’t let your muscles ball up on you.

Do a few before bedtime and see how this relaxes you followed by a nice bath or Epsom salt treat.

I’m lucky in that I learned so much of this over the years. The trick is to get into a routine to do them.

Cmon now, before winter hits us!

You will be glad you did!



Montreal in October

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

There is no better way to celebrate Harb’s Birthday than to head off to Montreal with the intent of spending time with our Aunt Renée Paquette.

Ma Tante is my nightly partner in some serious Scrabble. She wins 99% of the games, beating me soundly in English, her second language.

This lady, only 86 ( acts like 68) drives her own car, lives in her home, is an artist and loves I mean REALLY LOVES, dessert.

So out we went, day tripping at Pointe Claire, visiting a quaint area by the Lake. I bought an original painting at L’Artelier du Village, a pair of boots, sneakers, and a shirt. I also bought a hand crafted bracelet you can see in the picture

Ma Tante no longer does oil painting on larger canvas, but is now doing watercolours on card stock. She must have at least one hundred, but get this, every one is an original and different. No similar renderings here.

I was very inspired. Wouldn’t you be? This cultural centre was once a gentleman’s summer home. It was eventually donated to the City for $one dollar. Now it’s an art centre with numerous events and activities.

We made it back in time to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Rez, Paul, Jackson and Henry.

We brought a big blueberry pie from The Red Apple on the 401. Now that’s an experience in itself!

I must mention that the above dishes were given to me from Aunt Madeleine and now Rezarta has them. Generations of families and thankfulness, passed on.

Love to all,


Wabi Sabi

I’m not sure which of my readers has the background of Wabi Sabi.

Apparently a cousin, who’s name remains concealed for her protection looked it up following a comment made by me.

Wabi Sabi is a world view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

It’s an ancient Japanese philosophy which embraces a simple aesthetic where essentials are eliminated and trimmed away

So with coming through this last reno I’ve been learning to embrace Wabi Sabi or appreciating the beauty in A naturally imperfect world. This my friends means flaws and all.

Yes folks I’m looking for enlightenment.

Maybe it was the difficulty and problems that surfaced that broke us down.

What surprised me with my cousins comment is that she hasn’t come across Wabi Sabi Home & Design Studio located in the heart of Edmonton. Yes that’s 20544-114th street NW.

There’s even a blog about gutting a kitchen.

In the end I told her not to confuse this with Kemo Sabe:

Yes Wabi Sabi is so different.

So think about it,

And live life with simplicity, nature and imperfection.



The Visit of Mz Barby

Every Fall in September since 2014 we have been graced by the presence of our friend Barbara. This all started after The Alaska Reunion, The New Smyrna Beach Visit, and The Venice Beach adventure trips.

This year our To Do list numbered over 20 on the bucket list. Including a nice outdoor fire at Rez and Paul’s. Henry gave us a rendition of his latest music on the spoons!

Since it was very hot we weren’t quite sure which would come first or which would come last! We didn’t expect on her departure day to feel the remnants of Hurricane Gordon, no electricity and BIG one, no coffee! This girl makes her exit in a very expressive way!

We walked and talked and ate out, and adjusted to each day as it came about.

At first we were hot, then cold, then rained upon.

Just a few highlights:

The lakeshore, the parks, the birds and wildlife and then the art galleries

Barb had 4 pairs of shoes with her.

Our feet were nearly worn out! She was determined to do 10k steps!

So girl, it has been a slice, like usual.

Still lots left to see for next trip.

And another breakfast to tide you over for those days with no power, ha ha