The GOOD News

People are asking if I have written any blogs lately.

I couldn’t. So I am submitting this:

Really, I didn’t have the heart to write. Just too much bad and sad news, the reality of our world. I was aching inside from the disappointments emerging from humanity.

I’m thinking about how to approach the coming season.

Jennifer posted:

Marie posted a picture of her grandchild, the picture of innocence:

It’s these moments that give me comfort.

Tomorrow I will visit a place of Holiday Cheer with a dear friend, it is time.

Love you,


Pep Talks

Since my Birthday in August I’ve been giving myself non stop inspiration.

I AM symbolized the Invictus Games, and  I think it applies to each and every one of us.

Knowing yourself, is a game-changer .

Making room for the pleasures of life is important.

These days I truly wonder what is going on in the world. Or maybe it’s a matter of what is not happening in our world of communities. 

Despite everything I choose to portray how I feel about “my” world, and in how I live. I’m developing  strong faith in that we can fight off the uglies. I hope so with all my heart. There is another growing generation behind us. Little guys who believe the world has a lot to offer for their future. They are innocents mostly, at this stage of the game, but they do know about “lockdowns” in their school. Remember, Sandy Hook? 

My niece Jennifer posted a verse from Corinthians which  touched me deeply.

This is my World. Hers too. Keep us safe❤️



Back to School

It’s quieter around the Marina these days. I’m sure it’s because the kids are back at school.

We see them screaming at the playground though.

Okay, that’s not funny, but I love the cartoon anyway, thanks Don.

Rezarta, our gifted and enthusiastic photographer took these pictures while we were at Chudleighs.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Peanuts doesn’t go to school though, and neither does little Peyton, now crawling.  Is she not the perfect Gerber baby, for those who remember the Gerber baby on those jars of baby food… You don’t remember? Ok, ok, so I am OLD.

Have a great day, (beautiful babes from Ireland)

I wish I knew you guys,

September Shows in Paris

Our friend and fellow blogger Carol Gillott attended the Christian Dior exhibit.  Oh my gosh, here was a guy who wanted all women to feel so special in his clothing.

Wish I could attend The show is on until January 7.  A quick flight would fix this dilemma, just saying. 
Contemplation going on here. Let’s see, hmm Christmas gift to myself, and get that French umbrella while I’m there.. sounds good to me. Paris vs turkey, ha! Ha!




I feel so humble this morning. While I woke up to a beautiful sunny day overlooking our bay, I can’t help but thinking of the hundreds of thousands of people struggling with their lives, neighbours of ours..

Fires, hurricanes, exodus. A complex, frightening and uncertain existence now and for their future.

One thing for sure, adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.  

So my feelings this morning are those of bittersweet.  Tonight our grandchildren come to stay over. Their innocence will cheer us up, allow us to have those moments which are so precious. We are going to hold them tight.

A Change In Weather

The Leaf People are here!

I’m looking forward to the walks!  To Psithurism. To visiting country inns and day trips to the markets.

I’ve always enjoyed Autumn. I like the feel of a warm scarf around my neck, on blustery days.

Our goal this September is to visit as many parks and trails we can, 

And of course chow down on some hearty soup along the way.  Sigh… I love this time of year.

Do you?

All my Love


To Marilyn

Today is your special day, your Birthday.

I know you are in Montana, hopefully enjoying this time together with our family.

All kidding aside, we love you, and wish you a super birthday reunion.

Love to you all! Enjoy your time together on this special day.